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Modern Kitchen

Get your cabinets in.....

2 Weeks

For Most Finishes and Materials

Our millwork factory creates our custom designs fast and precise without the custom cabinetry prices

Locally Made

custom cabinetry

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How do we get your custom kitchen cabinetry made so fast?

It's made locally in Socal. No long shipping times, No cargo ships.

We partner with a local factory that only takes local clients

When we submit a design to be made, our projects do not go into a long que competing with the whole world. Our projects go into production immediately.


It shouldn't take months to get your cabinetry and you shouldn't have to shop pre-fabricated, stocked cabinets just because you don't have months to wait to start your project. We off you heirloom quality, made-to-fit cabinetry in as little as 2 weeks because your fabulous life doesn't have time to wait........

The Cabinet Box...

When we say custom, we mean custom. Our cabinet boxes can be tailor fit to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. Unlike most manufacturers, there isn't an upcharge to make a box of a cabinet the size you need it. This means your budget won't get inflated by hidden charges, space fillers are only used when necessary, and more storage capacity for your drawers and cabinets.

What others may call bells and whistles, we call standard such as soft-closing Blum hinges, slides, and full extension drawers. 

The box itself can be made of anti-microbial MDF in a variety of colors, all plywood construction, or our favorite, the Aqua Box by Lioher that is made with chemically treated MDF adding another element of protection against water and steam. The Aqua Box is a great technology to protect your investment for a long lasting heirloom kitchen.

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Kitchen cabinet finishes are endless.  We'll help you choose the right finish for your cabinets based on your budget, aesthetic goals, and durability needs. Below are a few of our favorite new finishes for 2024.  Please make an appointment to come see the vast range of finishes we carry.


Thermal-Healing Matte Surfaces
This technology is fairly new to the market. These surfaces are anti-microbial and fingerprint resistant. The most impressive quality of these surfaces is that they are Thermal-Healing. This means that scratches can be removed with a bit of heat applied to the surface! They have a satin touch and the matte finish really celebrates the color like no other material.



Wood Grains
The natural, organic look is a huge player in the 2024 kitchen. We have Solid Wood, HPL's, Thermofused, and Natural Wood Veneers in every style imaginable. 


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We've seen metal before but not like this...
Our collection of soft, rich metal tones will add a level of sophistication and elegance in a timeless and avant-garde fashion. 

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Top Left to Right Rehau- Guilded Arrow, Aegean Anchor
Bottom Left to Right: Lioher- Champagne, Copper, Soft Gold

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Team Picks

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I mean, it's the Year Of Color and I want to use it!  Rehaus' Noir and Fenix colors of self-healing, ultra matte doors create an energetic and exciting palette. I even love using our paint-grade veneers to get that specific hue that matches perfectly. I'm excited to turn up the volume on color with multi-hue onyx countertops that run up the backsplash. Kitchens are the gathering hub of the home now. Let's make them fun.
I love the Organic aesthetic and I think using a thin-shaker and integrated handles on doors really reduces visual noise. I love the durability of Thermofused doors in natural wood graining. The style can really be elevated by using soapstone, sandstone, or a concrete style quartz such as Caesarstone's Raw Concrete. The Organic style is all about simplicity, sereneness, and nature. All elements I believe belong in the kitchen.
This year I'm all about the high contrast between man and nature. I'm loving the back painted glass doors, slatted wood textures, the fashion-forward soft new colors of metal doors, and framed mesh uppers. I want to see these paired up with the unmatched beauty the Earth makes in natural quartzite. The result will surely be a kitchen never seen before.
Grizzly Ukiyo
Stephen Morris
Gabriella Cannon
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Excited To Get Started?
We'd love to show you all the beautiful materials and styles we can custom build your kitchen cabinetry with. The options are endless at American Modern Kitchens. Please call 619.333.6477 to book your personalized appointment and let's start designing!

As a designer, I am continuously dreaming of new styles and putting together pre-curated combinations that define an American Modern kitchen aesthetic. Let's discover what American Modern means to you.

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Nothing stages the class and style of the Mid-Century. Bask in the elite swagger of a style that never fades.

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What shall we learn next?




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