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We are a median-priced custom kitchen design studio

You will find that we use a lot of the same materials and finishes you'll see in high-end luxury sales floors. However, you'll be amazed that we won't charge you the high-end luxury price.

We are a team of designers that put the focus on art, function and lifestyle, not sales. And simply put, we price fairly because we want clients, not customers. We do it for the art. We do it for you.

How we can sell the same materials for a fraction of the price....

What most people in the kitchen world really don't want you to know is that we all get our finishes from the same sources. Some showrooms  just rename them, slap their brand on it, and jack up that price.

We get the materials from local distributors so there are no hidden costs paying for cargo ships and freight costs from over seas. And well......we just don't gouge. Honestly, there is just no need for kitchens to be so expensive without sacrificing great quality. I'm  amazed at some of the quotes clients bring me from sales floors. We're almost always less and use much better materials. ~Grizzly

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We make it easy for you to get a realistic ballpark price of your kitchen cabinetry and surface materials.


Step 1:

Basic measurements of your space

Nothing formal or drafted, just wall to wall and maybe locate any windows and doors. Having a basic idea of the types and sizes of your appliances will help us get to a more accurate number.


Step 2:

Make an Appointment

During your first visit, we'll discuss your ideas, explain the pro's and con's of each type of door finish, and piece together a rough selection of materials to base a price off of.


We'll then take your measurements you provided and calculate a ballpark number to help us budget your project. The ballpark price is a loose but realistic number used as a  reference point to start building a full-project budget you're comfortable with and guide us in making budget-driven choices together for your cabinetry, countertops, flooring, lighting, and tile.


Creating a full-project budget and allocating an allowance for each surface and material will make it faster to source and show you beautiful materials in your price range so that you don't have to stress over an unleashed budget getting higher and higher. 

Our designers are trained and expected to be budget-goal oriented. They will treat your project and budget with respect, non-judgement, and get you the best quality materials for your price range.

So please make that appointment now and experience the difference between a Design Studio and a Sales Floor. We promise to be your trusted allies and protect your better interests in all areas or your kitchen and bathroom remodel. It should be fun, so let's take away the stress where we can and focus on the design, function, and layout of your new, beautiful kitchen.

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What shall we learn next?




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