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Then there were three...

The story of three artists finding their home in design. 

I'm a firm believer that the Universe will bring you what you need when you need it. The Universe brought me these two amazing people and I'm so grateful.

When I opened my shop I wanted to thank my mentor that guided me through the overwhelming world of kitchen design post college. I invited Gabriella to the shop to show her that her nurturing words and patient heart cut the path for a deer-eyed boy to realize a life-long dream. Even though she had a full time job as a school designer in San Francisco, she offered, again, to assist me in getting my shop client ready. She now sits as the Senior Designer. 

Stephen, an artist selling homes, assisted me when I needed to sell my house. We talked of art, design, and the passion it takes to make it in the art world. I could see endless potential in him. I have never received such amazing support in the sale of my home. I thought an amazing artist with such eagerness and a genuine interest in supporting my needs as a client is exactly what I wanted to provide to my clients. I took a chance on him and he has superseded my greatest expectations. 

My team, my family, is no doubt the reason why American Modern Kitchens has seen such grand success. ~Grizzly



I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found my team! It's so challenging as a business owner to build a team with the right people that align with your goals, philosophy, and vision. Especially when I am really going against the grain in this industry and trying to create a better experience for clients. However, I struck gold with these two. They genuinely want to give our clients the best experience possible. I see them constantly engineering a clients budget and finding ways to save them money on their project. They listen to our clients, align themselves with our clients goals, and steam ahead with those goals on the forefront of their decision making. Thank you team! You're the best, you're family. Grizzly


Stephen Morris
K&B Designer


Grizzly Ukiyo

Dir. Of Aesthetics

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Tako-San Ukiyo
Jr. Greeter


Gabriella Cannon
Senior Designer

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What shall we learn next?




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